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MicroVive™ 30-Day Rehydration Fluid 20-Pack




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9mL 20 pack, 1.2mL 20 pack

Product Description

NSI’s MicroVive™ is a 30-day rehydration fluid which allows you to maximize usefulness of your microbiological reference cultures, especially when several controls are needed at the same time. MicroVive™ increases the value of CRMs via extended freezer storage without loss of viability. Conveniently packaged pre-measured portions of sterile fluid is formulated for maintenance of both bacteria and fungi during freezer storage at temperatures of -10°C or less. Recommend reducing temperature at a rate of 1°C per minute if storing hydrated cultures at -20°C and below. MicroVive™ has been validated at -10° to -20°C for up to 30 days. Viability was maintained at 50% or greater based upon internal testing in accordance with ISO 17025. Manufactured by NSI, an ISO 17034 accredited certified reference material producer. Available in two different volume options: 1.2mL or 9mL pre-measured portions, pre-sterilized, sold in packs of 20 vials.

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