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Proximates and Elements in Foods Part #FCPT-001


The PT material is typically a grain flour or cereal blend intended for analysis of pH, ash, % moisture, total fat, total protein, total dietary fiber, carbohydrates, minerals/elements, water activity and salt. Approximately 50 grams per bottle. Supplied in duplicate. read more



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Study Number

FS-0224, FS-0524, FS-0824, FS-1124

Food Science PT Study Schedule

2024 Food Science PT Schedule
Study NumberStudy OpensStudy Closes
FS-0224Feb. 13, 2024March 28, 2024
FS-0524May 7, 2024June 20, 2024
FS-0824Aug. 6, 2024Sept. 19, 2024
FS-1124Nov. 4, 2024Dec. 18, 2024

2021 Food Chemistry Study Schedule

Study NumberStudy OpensStudy Closes
FC-0221Feb. 16April 1
FC-0521May 11June 24
FC-0821Aug. 10Sept. 23
FC-1121Nov. 2Dec. 16