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Complex Nutrients QC Concentrate CRM #QCI-139


A 21 mL concentrate for determination of Complex Nutrients. Each ampule produces 2 liters of sample after dilution of 10mL to 1000mL. Diluted sample stable for 30 days when stored refrigerated. The sample includes: TKN 3.0 - 35 mg/L, Total Phosphorus 0.5 - 10 mg/L.  Sample derived from our accredited inter-laboratory PT studies. Study statistics available. We always have 4 lots available so if you have a specific need, please call us at 1-800-234-7837. read more


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Specified Conc.

Analyte Concentration
TKN 3.0-35 mg/L
Total Phosphorus 0.5-10 mg/L