MicrobiologyPharmaceutical Reference MaterialsUSP 61/62 Compendial Strains

S. enterica #61-00031


Designed for USP 61/62, S. enterica, NCTC12023. Each Microgel Flash™ pellet is formulated in our proprietary Microgel-Flash quick dissolve matrix at approximately 1000cfu to deliver <100cfu per 100uL inoculum after hydration in 1.5mL supplied peptone buffer. At least 10 tests per vial. Exact activity listed on accompanying COA.  Supplied in a pack of 10 individually vacuum sealed samples along with 1- x 1.5mL sterile peptone buffer.  Other collection numbers are ATCC14028 and WDCM 00031. Stores at -10C to -20C.
*Item cannot be sold or shipped internationally

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