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Unit Dose™ Bacillus subtilis Part #UD-6633


Unit Dose™ cultures are formulated to deliver less than 100 CFU per pellet. Directly inoculate media without dilution. Pellets dissolve instantly. Quantitatively validated and traceable cultures are Certified Reference Materials with downloadable Certificate of Analysis on our website. Single microorganism pellet per vial. Sold in packs of ten. read more



Product Details

Unit Dose™ B. subtilis lyophilized pellets are formulated to deliver less than 100 CFU per pellet.  Pellets dissolve instantly once hydrated.  Supplied in packs of 10 single use vials. One microorganism pellet per vial.  Product is quantitatively validated on TSA with lot precision less than 10% RSD.  This is not a spore-only product.  This product is made using culture acquired directly from Public Health of England.  Specifically PHE strain NCTC 10400.  Other equivalent strain numbers are ATCC6633, CIP52.62, NCIMB8054, and NBRC3134.  Product shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacture.  Shipped products have at least six months remaining shelf life.  Store product in a standard freezer at a temperature of -20°C to -10°C.

Now available for pre-sale ordering.  Orders for this item will begin shipping mid to late April 2020.  Pre-ordered items are prioritized.