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WS – Carbamate Pesticides #PEO-001


A 1.5 mL concentrate in Methanol for use with Method 531.1. The sample design will satisfy PT requirements for the following analytes: (Supplied in duplicate) read more



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WS-137, WS-138, WS-139, WS-140

Drinking Water Chemistry WS Proficiency Study Schedule

2024 WS Drinking Water Chemistry PT Study Schedule
Study NumberStudy OpensStudy Closes
WS-137Jan. 8, 2024Feb. 21, 2024
WS-138April 3, 2024May 17, 2024
WS-139July 2, 2024Aug. 15, 2024
WS-140Oct. 15, 2024Nov. 28, 2024


Aldicarb15-100 ug/LOxamyl (Vydate)15-100 ug/L
Aldicarb sulfone15-100 ug/LBaygon30-140 ug/L
Aldicarb sulfoxide15-80 ug/LCarbaryl15-100 ug/L
Carbofuran15-150 ug/LMethomyl15-100 ug/L
Methiocarb30-140 ug/L3-Hydroxy carbofuran15-80 ug/L