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Universal Wastewater CRM #QCI-084


Unique to NSI Lab Solutions - a 13 analyte CRM for conventional pollutant analysis. Makes managing reference materials easier..especially in a smaller laboratory. Provided as a sterile solution which can be stored at room temperature prior to opening. Once opened, this standard must be stored tightly capped at 2-8°C. Demand parameters are derived from 1:1 Glucose:Glutamic Acid (150 mg/L each). 4 x 1 Liter, Ready to use glass bottles. See below for analyte list. read more


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Ready-to-Use Bottles
BOD5198 mg/L
CBOD163 mg/L
COD309 mg/L
Conductivity650 umhos
N-NH37.50 mg/L
N-NO33.00 mg/L
Total Nitrogen24.6 mg/L
pH6.9 units
P-PO42.50 mg/L
TDS600 mg/L
TOC121 mg/L
Total Solids800 mg/L
TSS100 mg/L