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Multi-Analyte Solids CRM #QCI-171


A 4 x 1 Liter case of ready-to-use multi-analyte QC standard to QA 6 solids analyses including fixed, volatile and suspended solids.. Actual concentrations may vary slightly lot to lot. To use, simply shake the bottle well and pour an appropriate aliquot. Packaged as 4 x 1 Liter case. Stores at room temperature. A NIST Traceable Certified Reference Material. See analyte list below. Stable for >3 years after manufacture. read more


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A whole volume multi-analyte standard for quality control analysis for 6 solids parameters. Each 100 mL aliquot contains:
Total Solids 350 mg
Total Dissolved Solids 250 mg
Total Suspended Solids 100 mg
Volatile Suspended Solids 31 mg
Fixed Suspended Solids 70 mg
Fixed Dissolved Solids 215 mg